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Brazil Gaucho Trail, Brazil

The ultimate trail blaze for riders looking for a truly exciting experience living the gaucho way of life and riding gaucho style.


Brazil offers a landscape diverse and beautiful as a backdrop, and the chance to sample the real gaucho world, and make no mistake, this is for real! The hardened gauchos and their agile beloved “Criollo” steeds make a formidable combination in the environment of their work.


The “Gaucho do Brasil,” the legendary South American cowboy, refuses to break with tradition which makes for; Dixit UNESCO: the gaucho way of life the liveliest equestrian culture in the world. The Brazilian Gaucho lives in the southern states of Santa Catarina, and Rio Grande do Sul, and all have roots in Europe due to the large numbers of immigrants who arrived in the 18th & 19th centuries.


8 Days - 7 Nights

Group Size

06 - 15 Riders

Riding days

6 Days

Riding level




Travel dates

trip highlights:

  • On average, we will be 6 to 7 hours per day in the saddle, make our way across rolling grasslands, riding through Araucaria forests, crossing pristine rivers and, in general, off the beaten track of southern Brazil.

  • The “Criollo” horse is just as legendary, an intelligent animal with unequaled stamina as well as being fast and highly maneuverable and a joy to ride. 

  • Here we find the well-preserved colonial Tropeiro Route. This 250 years old tropeiro route was the route of cattle and mules between the Rio Grande do Sul and Argentina to Sao Paulo.

  • Every evening means a different Fazenda, colonial Fazendas where time has stood still with rooms filled with antique furniture and large country kitchens, a perfect atmosphere to sample the local brew Chimarão (maté, a sort of tea) and Pinga (local rum). 

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