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The Coconut Ride, Brazil

Big dunes, large canters, stunning beaches, typical fishing villages, Caipirinha and a lot of fun in the sun!

Essential travel information

 Essential Trip Information provides a detailed itinerary, visa info, how to get to your hotel, what's included - pretty much everything you need to know about this adventure and more.

travel documentation

  • International Passport:  Required for most foreigners (still 6 months valid)

  • Visa:  most European and Latin American citizens do not need a visa to travel to Brazil. Contact the Brazilian Embassy in your country for more information. All North American Citizens, (USA - CAN - MEX) require a visa to travel to Brazil.

  • Travel Insurance is mandatory.

  • Trip Cancelation Insurance, mandatory.

  • International and local flights tickets. Gateway is Maceió ( MCZ ) 

  • Vaccinations: not mandatory but recommended (consult your physician)

  • Luggage: the maximum allowable weight of your luggage depends from airline to airline. Check with the airline or travel agent how many kilograms and pieces of luggage you can take. Your personal luggage is transported during the trek to the various stopovers.

general information, country

  • Currency: The Brazilian currency is REAL. = R$

  • Health: here are no vaccinations required/compulsory and there is no malaria in this part of Brazil. Recommended vaccinations, however, are Yellow Fever & Hepatitis B. In case of illness or an accident, we will take you to a good hospital or doctor.

  • Language: Portuguese is the official language. Many Brazilians are monolingual, those who master a second language speak mostly Italian or German (especially in the South) because of their origins. More and more Brazilians now learn Spanish or English.

  • Safety: Brazil has not always the best reputation for safety and crime. This is primarily and almost exclusively in large cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Recife. The state of Santa Catarina and its capital city Florianópolis is quiet and completely safe. Our ride passes through the region of Coxilha Rica where there is no need to worry at all!

  • The Electricity and plugs:  

  • General information:

  • Time: 

riding, general information

  • Horses: Mangalarga Marchador crossed breed, beautiful and responsive horses, easy to ride. Average height: 1.60m

  • The riding: 09 day trip of with 7 days on horseback, trail riding from one place to the other, an average of 4 hours per day in the saddle.

  • Saddles: Brazilian/Australian style saddles

  • Guides: professional and multilingual guides

  • Comfort: clean and comfortable.

  • Riding level: Suitable for intermediate to experienced riders. You should be confident on a horse at all paces.

  • Group Size: Minimum 7 participants and Maximum 14 riders

  • Riders weight limit: 100 Kg

travel gear

  • A  sweater 

  • A  jacket 

  • 4 to 5 T-shirts or shirts. The long-sleeved shirt is best. (Make sure you take at least 3 shirts with long sleeves!)

  • Riding pants or jeans

  • Boots/riding shoes, with mini-chaps or long chaps. (Your boots/ shoes will/can be wet every day).

  • Cotton socks

  • One second pair of shoes, for the evening

  • Swimsuit.

  • Slippers/sandals

  • Comfortable summer clothing

  • Hat

  • One towel

  • Swimsuit 

  • Toiletries

  • Sun Cream

  • Anti-mosquito spray / lotion

  • Camera…

* It is recommended to put your luggage in a travel bag instead of a hard suitcase. 14 bags are easier to get in the backup vehicle than 14 suitcases.  (thanks!)

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