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Pantanal Ride Expedition, Brazil

A riding holiday for nature & wildlife enthusiasts, a trip where you imagine yourself in the middle of a National Geographic documentary!


The Pantanal, a pristine and almost unknown region is as good the size of half of France. It has not only the greatest biodiversity of the entire American continent but it is also a true cowboy region! Nature, wildlife, and cowboys, that are obviously the ideal ingredients for a top adventure holiday when you love riding and nature!


The Brazilian cowboy or Pantaneiro is a living legend in his country, lives mostly of livestock and is proud of its century-old cowboy or rather a Pantaneiro tradition. Along with those Pantaneiros you go on a horseback expedition in a region that has no equal. The Pantanal, also known as “ terra de ninguém” (no man’s land) is a lush half-open tropical territory, which annually in the rainy season sets large parts of the Pantanal underwater. Water and sunshine, a dream combination for luxuriant vegetation and a wonderful habitat for the most fascinating animals of our globe.


8 Days - 7 Nights

Group Size

04 - 10 Riders

Riding days

06 Days

Riding level




Travel dates

trip highlights:

  • See exotic animals in there natural habitat in the wild and wet territory, in the largest wetlands of the world.270 different bird species including parrots, toucans, ibis, kingfisher, Colibri, jabiru-stork, and many more you can spot in the Pantanal. In waterholes and rivers are living caiman, giant river otters, and piranhas

  • TThe Pantanal, also very rich in grazing lands has the largest livestock and farms in the world.

  • The Pantaneiros will saddle their Pantanal horses for you,  a fast horse, very maneuverable and exceptionally light in the mouth. Their horses are a real pleasure to ride with.

  • you will go for some cattle work in the field and get acquainted with their cowboy culture, lassoing, rounding up the cattle, learn about their music, customs and habits.

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