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Pantanal Ride Expedition, Brazil

A riding holiday for nature & wildlife enthusiasts, a trip where you imagine yourself in the middle of a National Geographic documentary!


day 1: Campo Grande - Fazenda Baia das Pedras - Pantanal

Transfer by 4x4 vehicles to the first Fazenda (or Cessna flight = optional). Landing at the front door of the Fazenda. Welcome drink, room distribution, and presentation of the region, general information about the Pantanal and the program for the next days. If time allows, we will have our first ride in the afternoon. We get to know the horses and get a first impression of the Pantanal. The Pantaneiro horses are strong, well trained and very agile, local pantaneiro saddles extremely comfortable. Dinner and overnight at Fazenda Baia das Pedras.

day 2 : Fazenda Baia das Pedras - Pantanal

With its approximately 16,000 acres and 4,000 head of cattle,  Fazenda "Baia das Pedras" is a traditional farm of the Pantanal. The Fazenda is located in an immense area on the banks of the "Castelo Vazante" river, amid a lot of rich nature and wildlife. Here you can see animals like Capivara's, howler monkeys, crocodiles, wild pigs, peccaries, coatis, tapirs, and hundreds of birds, including toucans, Arara's (blue, yellow and red), storks, parrots, parakeets and many more. Every day we will be about 6 hours in the saddle, divided into 2 periods (morning and afternoon). Fazenda Baia das Pedras is a real Brazilian cattle farm. We meet with the local cowboys and their culture. Perhaps here we should just roll up our sleeves and help the cowboys to round up the cattle on horseback?

day 3 and 4 : Fazenda Baia das Pedras - Fazenda Primavera

After an early breakfast, we saddle the horses and go for a ride to Fazenda Primavera. Today is a full day in the saddle. We ride through the beautiful landscape of Vazante Castelo, where we observe the abundant wildlife of the Pantanal in a unique and untouched landscape. We follow an open area surrounded by native bush adjacent to the bed of the river and see the incredible amount of birds in their foraging.

Once at the resting place “Retiro Sao Luis”, we meet the back-up vehicle with our luggage and field kitchen. We take lunch and continue our journey in the afternoon. A true horseman expedition through the wilderness. We arrive at the territory of Fazenda Primavera but not at the actual housing. Here we will stay at a wilderness camp of the far away of the Fazenda. In a beautiful and isolated area, you will be welcomed in our very nice wooden bush camp. The camp has a good infrastructure. We sleep in hammocks under a fixed roof, with mosquito net walls, it has a kitchen and 2 bathrooms. Dinner and overnight in the wilderness.


The next morning after breakfast we walk to the River to take a closer look. Take pictures of alligators, capibara and the many bird species. We enjoy a second coffee in the cozy camp overlooking the wilderness. In the afternoon we make a fascinating excursion on horseback. We are in the middle of the wilderness, .. just you and the great outdoors. At sunset, you will make the most beautiful pictures .. and after supper, we can go with a  torch to the River to see the orange eyes of the crocodiles in the water. We sleep for the 2nd time in a hammock. (You will be surprised how comfortable you will sleep in a genuine Brazilian hammock!)

day 5 : Fazenda Primavera - Fazenda Barra Mansa

After breakfast at sunrise, we will mount our horses and ride through the Pantanal to Fazenda Barra Mansa. From the saddle, we discover how the Pantanal awakes. We notice how the landscape is changing as we get to the area of the Rio Negro. We arrive for lunch at Fazenda Barra Mansa.

In the afternoon we go on a boat expedition on the Rio Negro, stopping at beautiful white sand beaches on the shores, where you can bathe in the river or go fishing for piranhas. (And now I hear you thinking, how can one swim where piranhas are? .. Haha .. scared?) We enjoy a delicious aperitif at the Fazenda and listen to the stories of the past days. Overnight in this authentic Fazenda. 

day 6 and 7 : Fazenda Barra Mansa / Pantanal

Located in a very special and secluded area Fazenda Barra Mansa is considered as the wildest and unspoiled area of the Pantanal! The Fazenda is situated on the banks of the Rio Negro, where it is possible to go on boat and canoe expeditions and see that way the natural beauty and wildlife of the region. Alligators, otters, capybaras, anacondas and even maybe the jaguar are animals you can see there. In the same area, we also go riding. So you discover the area in 2 different ways, from the water, and on land. You are finding yourself as in the middle of a National Geographic documentary! Top horse riding, top River excursions, in combination with top game viewing.  


day 8 : Fazenda Barra Mansa - Campo Grande

Departure after early breakfast with 4x4 vehicles back to the city of Campo Grande (or optional with Cessna flight) and drop of at the airport of Campo Grande of hotel in the city. End of an unforgettable wilderness journey.

Although we do our very best to adhere to the schedule listed above, this itinerary is subject to change for numerous reasons beyond our control including weather and terrain conditions. The final route is always left up to the discretion of the trip leader in the field.

Download the full program in PDF, by clicking here

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