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Patagonia Horseback Expedition, Chile

The beauty of Patagonia is hard to describe, SPECTACULAR would be the word if we had to use one!


The beauty of Patagonia is hard to describe, SPECTACULAR would be the word if we had to use one! Patagonia is one million square kilometers of the untamed wilderness! Few other places on earth are that huge and that rugged! The climate and the scenery one encounters but also the adventure one experiences on this ride are hallucinating! Rugged and untamed, doesn’t that sound like the ideal riding destination?! Yes, we take you on one hell of a riding holiday to the most beautiful place in the world; TORRES DEL PAINE in Chilean Patagonia!

Riding your Chilean Criollo horse you will be dazzled by seeing the blue peaks of Torres del Paine, by the majestic glaciers, lakes, whitewater rivers, snow-covered mountains, and fjords.


8 Days - 7 Nights

Group Size

08 - 14 Riders

Riding days

5 Days

Riding level




Travel dates

trip highlights:

  • You will spend 8 days in Patagonia of which 5 days in the saddle, ride through the National Park of Torres del Paine following the Serrano river to arrive at the next National Park Bernardo O'Higgins.

  • You will be riding 7 hours per day on strong and courageous horses and will soon discover that they are a pleasure to ride with.

  • Besides riding, you will be invited to jump on the vessel “Cutter 21 de Mayo” for a boat adventure from Monte Balmaceda to Puerto Natales and see fjords along icy rivers that are home to dolphins and whales.

  • You will meet and ride with the Patagonian gauchos, gallop in vast pampas on endless sheep farms, spend nights in cozy country houses and other nights in tents on the wild side, where you will fall asleep next to the campfire and wake up watching the Andes condor flying above your head. In other words, breathtaking views and an unequal equestrian experience await you at the end of the world!

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