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Avenida 2 con calle 41,
Urbanización El Encanto

5101 Mérida (Venezuela)

Teléfono +58-274-263.86.33

Fax +58-274-263.68.84

Camino Real del Carrizal

Remota Aventura en medio de majestuosos paisajes
Level: Expert
Days: 08
Available: All year
Best time: December through May


On this trip, Camino Real del Carrizal, already used by the pre-Hispanic inhabitants, discover the main environments of the Merida range from the sub- mountain jungles intervened by humans, passing through pristine and spectacular cloud forests of the Andean páramos, a unique world ecosystem. The main land uses and the traditional peasant agricultural ecosystems, such as those of shade coffee in forests and the papyrus in the páramo can be seen along the way.


For six days, from the warm and cloudy jungle floors (600 meters) you ascend to the cold and imposing páramo environments to more than 3.600 meters altitude. Each travel day is a unique experience in the Andean tropical mountains, where nature, climate, culture, history and people surprise you at each stage.


Services & Itinerary


day 1: Barinas – Santa María de Canagua
day 2: Santa María de Canagua - El Cienago
day 3: El Cienago - El Carrizal
day 4: El Carrizal - Los Morritos
day 5: Los Morritos - Gavidia
day 6: Gavidia –  Mérida

the program includes:

- Transfers: Barinas – Santa María de Canagua and Gavidia – Mérida.
- 1 night of lodging in the Mucuposadas: Los Samanes, San José, El Carrizal and Michicaba.
- 1 night of camping in the Los Morritos (includes tent)
- Includes all meals from dinner the first day through breakfast the last day.
- One (1) allowance of 20 Kg. Of luggage per person to be carried by packhorses during travels.
- Local guides.
- 1 Saddle horse during the tour (riding).
- 1 Saddle horse, support for group (Trekking).

​the program doesn’t include:
- Flight: international and local flights are not included.
- Sleeping bag for temperatures of -7.
- Gratuities.
- Refreshments.
- Travel insurance.


  • Traditional Andean agricultural landscapes,

  • Valleys of glacial origin, typical plants such as frailejones,

  • Living with Andean families, homes of mud and walls of stone much like the first inhabitants,

  • Culture linked to the cultivation of wheat and potato.


Departures dates

Mérida, Venezuela

Camino Real del Carrizal

6 días - 5 noches


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