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Avenida 2 con calle 41,
Urbanización El Encanto

5101 Mérida (Venezuela)

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El Balcón de la Gran Sabana, Gran Sabana Venezuela

Remote Adventure Amid a Natural Wonder
Level: Expert
Days: 06
Available: All year
Best time: July through September


North of Kavanayén, a community famous for its Capuchin Mission and indigenous homes made of stone; we find the Western chain of the Gran Sabana tepuyes. The most beautiful and emblematic of these vertical sandstone mountains is the Pütari tüpü (Cerro Budare) with a rock monolith found at its base and where ornithological research in Venezuela began (William Phelps Expedition, 1944).


This place is “Punto Phelps” (even though the Pemón call it, Waitütü den). Arrival there requires a demanding but very satisfying climb through forests and strange but beautiful rock formations together with singing waterfalls. The landscape of the natural balcony is imposing and ascends to the highest point. The horizon is the hiker’s reward. For 6 days and 5 nights you will enjoy the New Gran Sabana.


Services & Itinerary


day 1: Kavanayen
day 2: Kavanayen – Achiyanüpö – Salto Yumé – Iwarakaru ken – Salto Iworé
day 3 y 4: Salto Iwore – Waitütü Den (Punto Phelps) – Salto Iwore
day 5: Salto Iwore – Iwarakaru ken – Yumé – Achiyanüpö - Kavanayen
day 6: Kavanayen 

the program includes:

- Transportation IN and OUT

- 2 nights lodging in an inn in Kavanayen.

- 3 nights camping (includes tent)

- All meals, from dinner the first day through breakfast the last day.

- 1 leader guider (Pemón)

- 1 assistant guide (Pemón)

- Transportation in a 4x4 from Kavanayen to Achiyanüpö and vice versa

the program doesn’t include:
- Flight: international and local flights are not included.
- You will need an ISOLATE and a SLEEPING BAG which put up with (+10°C/ 50°F).
- Gratuities.
- Refreshments.
- Travel insurance.

Highlights :

Climbing to Punto Phelps, or Waitütü den, implies an emotional experience where you come into contact with several ecosystems: the savanna, the chaparral and the pre-tepuy forests. This is a route for trekkers with experience, bird watchers, nature photographers, and in general, those interested in contemplating and interpreting nature.


Departures dates