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Avenida 2 con calle 41,
Urbanización El Encanto

5101 Mérida (Venezuela)

Teléfono +58-274-263.86.33

Fax +58-274-263.68.84

Entre Los Pueblos del Sur, Mérida Venezuela

Visit to towns in the middle of majestic landscapes
Level: Rookie
Days: 06
Available: All year
Best time:December through Abril


Fasten on time and on the mountain memories, towards the south of Mérida state a group of villages is sleeping without the noise of the city bothers them. Going to Los Pueblos del Sur is having the opportunity of knowing a particular region where you will enjoy the attention, warm and guide of the villagers. There, you will discover a very interesting culture, taste their delicious typical plates, know new stories; sleep in the villagers’ houses. Entre Los Pueblos del Sur would allow you to enjoy an authentic and alive Andean culture, expression of the religious heritage and a millenary culture. 


Services & Itinerary


day 1: Mérida – Mucutuy
day 2: Mucutuy - Mucuchachi
day 3: Mucuchachi - Canagua
day 4: Canagua - Chacantá
day 5: Chacantá – Mucutuy
day 6: Mucutuy – Mérida

the program includes:

- Daily transportation to different communities visited and starting points and output of each tour.
- Lodging in Mucuposadas: Sanjuanero, Samaipat, Las Hortensias y Kiutrindú.
- Daily excursions: Ruta del Trapiche, Tras la Huella del Oso Frontino, Santa Cruz - El Rincón y Ruta las Lajas de la Hacienda.
- All meals from dinner on the first day to lunch on the last day.
- Local guides (baquianos).

the program doesn’t include:

- Flight: international and local flights are not included. 
- Gratuities.
- Refreshments.
- Travel insurance.

Highlights :

  • Living with Andean families, homes made of
    mud and stone walls in the style of the first indigenous inhabitants, culture linked to the cultivation of wheat and sugar cane.


Departures dates

Mérida, Venezuela

Entre los Pueblos del Sur

6 días - 5 noches


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